Monday, August 2, 2010

The new species of Screaming Peha

As most of you know- I hate (am terrified) of cockroaches. Normally, I handle it fairly well- unless they are near me, running towards me, or are generally massive. It´s weird because it has developed over time- living in Thailand they didn´t really bother me. So anyways, I wouldn´t say the are abundant- but I see them on a daily basis. I´m not bothered to see them cross a trail or over on leaf-litter, but in my personal space or threatening to attack by running at me isn´t cool. So, I was on an afternoon survey witha couple of other guys when the staff leader stops and starts shifting through some leaf litter. Knowing the intrigue boys have for frogs and lizards, I took the opportunity to get some water out of my bag. As I look up, there is a cockroach, not particularly big nor particularly hungry for my flesh, but RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. This breaks the rule about personal space. This cockroach was all up IN my personal space- not cool. From my mouth left the most blood curling scream. Now, at this point, I wish I was either exaggerating or have the opportunity to save some embarassament...but there is no way around that scream. It was the most un-girly, life threatening scream I´ve left out, probably in my life. I dropped my backpack, and the cockroach fell on top of it, after wiggling its way out of the staff member´s hand who knew my fear of the ugly bug. I provoked intense laughter from the boys, as I had my hands over my face half sobbing half laughing at the sheer reaction the creature got from me. After half a minute of silence from me, due to laughing so hard, the boys stoped cracking their jokes because their worst nightmare was near reality- making a girl cry. I almost received the guilt-provoked apologies when I finally gasped for air and removed my hands showing I was laughing despite the few tears that had built up and came down. This ofcourse was a green light for the jokes to continue taking place, which I accepted with full responsibility. The funniest joke being the discovery of a new species of Screaming Peha, which is a bird that we frequently hear in the jungle that makes a human-like whistling noise.


  1. What happens when you see a snake???

  2. I get it! You're the new bird in the jungle. Though the name suggests you did more than scream.

  3. mom- i dont mind the snakes. We saw a coral snake yesterday. grandpa- the real funny part is that the bird makes a sound like its whistling at you