Monday, August 2, 2010


So, I´m a few weeks into my long experience- and I´ve truly acclimated and have enjoyed it so much! I have a few good stories, but in the daily life here, they seem fairly normal. I will blog the stories sepparately- to reduce reading size. But, thus far I have received my Emergency First Responder certification- which was used/tested shortly after completion, been trained on the surveys: butterflies, birds, and amphibians, been on numerious surveys collecting data, spent Saturday mornings at a nearby market that we travel to by canoe, picked up British words such as ´wellies´(rainboots), ´bonkers´(crazy), and ´fuck off´(no way), taught English at a local school, cooked for 30 people using only a gas stove, and ran out of deodorant- not that means too much here. This environment is very hard to describe due to its complexity and I love staying busy- but if inquiring minds want top know something, just ask :-)

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