Sunday, May 29, 2011

And its time for another adventure

As most of you know, I returned to the U.S. the week of Christmas with the determined plan to move to the UK after receiving a working visa through my Canadian citizenship. I really had no idea what I was going to do, professionally, where I was going to live and looked into many different options before deciding to at least settle in London for a bit. With two years for the visa, I do plan on spending as much of that time in the UK. I have spent the past three months there and have enjoyed it very much- I will upload some blogs about my time in London…eventually. For now, I really just wanted to upload a quick blog before I set off to Costa Rica- I know, I know- I just keep bouncing around at the moment.

I will officially be in Costa Rica from May 29 until August 10 working for an organization called Rustic Pathways. It was difficult for me to make the decision to leave the UK for the few months, as I had just started to really get settled in having recently moved into a flat, etc. But, I am really excited about spending my summer kicking about Central America. Rustic Pathways is an organization that provides community service opportunities, cultural and language immersion, and conservation initiatives for high school students. And interestingly enough, I participated in a language immersion program of theirs after my first year of high school. As with Ecuador, I really only am slightly aware of what I’m getting into and have no specific knowledge at the moment for where I will be and what contact will be like from the base house I will be staying at. But, as I go through training over the next week, I will get a better idea and will hopefully get the opportunity to post a bit more information about what projects I’ll be leading, where, and when.

So, until then- I appreciate the curiosity and well wishes about my work in Costa Rica. I’m all packed up and ready for my 6am flight in less than 5 hrs. I just can’t believe I’m actually taking more clothes with me to Costa Rica for three months then I did for 6 months in Ecuador. But honestly, who is to say that I wont need all 14 pairs of my shorts, 4 pairs of pants, and 15 shirts. I must say the collection of items I’m taking with me slightly impresses me because half of my friends from Ecuador will technically be traveling with me as I take: Sam’s pair of jean shorts I inherited, two of Edwin’s field shirts, a copy of Steve’s reggaeton CD on my iPod, a rope anklet identical to Olly’s, and a pair of hiking socks I ACCIDENTALY stole from the clothes line in Ecuador. Well, I suppose I only have myself to blame for such a massive bag, I didn’t have the time or dedication to cut back on my packing list but at least I’ll have clothes for almost every occasion :-)

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